French Tax Rebates for international film productions in simple terms.
What is it?

The French Tax Rebate is like a discount given to foreign filmmakers for shooting their movies or creating visual effects in France. It’s a way to encourage international projects to choose France as their filming location.

How much do you get?

The rebate is calculated at 30% of the money spent on eligible things in France during the production, and for projects heavy on visual effects (VFX), it can go up to 40%. The maximum rebate a project can get is €30 million.

Who can get it?

To get this rebate, a foreign producer needs to work with a French company (let’s call it Mommy Production) to handle the filming or animation/VFX work. Mommy Production then applies for the rebate after the filming is done.

When do you get the money?

The rebate is paid by the French tax authority, but it takes some time. You’ll receive the money about half to one and a half years after your last spending on the project.

Are there any spending requirements?

Yes, there are. You need to spend at least €250,000 in France or make sure that 50% of your total budget is spent in France to qualify for the rebate.

How do you qualify?

Your project needs to pass a cultural test. This test checks if your story has European cultural elements and if you use French and European locations, characters, sources, landmarks, creators, crew, and French technical hubs. For regular films, you need to film at least 5 days in France.

Anything special for VFX projects?

Yes, if your project is heavy on visual effects, there’s an additional cultural test. It recognises the unique aspects of this genre. In a nutshell, the French Tax Rebate is a way to make filming in France more attractive for international filmmakers, providing financial incentives to those who meet certain spending and cultural criteria. If you’re eligible and meet the requirements, you can get a significant discount on your production costs.

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